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YUER™️ 30W Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Laser Light Projector with Flight Case Outdoor Scenic Area Square Park Lighting Equipment Beam Effect

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1. The rain-proof laser adopts a multiple rain-proof structure design and reaches the IP65 protection level (IP65: completely prevents dust from entering; washing with water will not cause any harm, and cannot be immersed in water).

2. Waterproof materials and special processes are used to ensure that "exposed" components (electronic fans, interface sockets, screws, etc.) work in ideal conditions.

3. The laser uses a highly stable and long-life solid-state laser diode (Diode Solid-State Laser), which can operate normally at -30°C--40°C around the clock.

4. Laser divergence angle <1.5mrad, spot diameter at exit <8mm.

5. The laser uses analog modulation technology to linearly control the laser brightness and provide rich colors.

6. Operation interface: color LCD display, knob and button operation.

7. TF card storage, used to store laser programs and accompanying laser program production software.

8. Safety configuration: laser single-point electronic protection and light gate protection device (with on/off options, high-power laser single-point protection is extremely important protection measure), laser key switch.

9. Safety intelligence: If the scanning motor or control system fails, resulting in a single-point laser, the single-point shutter protection device will forcibly block the light and turn off the laser signal at the same time, providing double protection. When there is no ILDA signal, the laser is automatically turned off (enters single-point protection state).

10. Application places: Various large-scale outdoor and indoor performances, outdoor lighting and landscape projects

Warm reminder: Avoid short-distance projection to crowds; it is prohibited to project high-brightness single-point beams into the sky in aircraft take-off and landing areas! ! !

Technical Parameters

1. Power supply: input voltage 100~250V/AC, 50/60HZ, maximum power 800W

2. Laser: With TEC high-precision ±0.5° temperature control design, it ensures that the LD laser tube core works at the ideal temperature, so that it can have higher light extraction efficiency and longer working life. If the temperature control system detects an abnormal temperature, it will turn off the light for protection, and then start working again after the temperature drops to normal. Red laser: 9W, wavelength 638nm; Green laser: 9W, wavelength 525nm; Blue laser: 14W, wavelength 450nm; Exit spot size<8*9(H)mm, divergence angle:<1.5mrad

3. Laser life: >10,000 hours

4.Laser safety level: Class 4

5. Protection level: IP65

6. Working environment: outdoor and indoor, -30°C--40°C

7. Scanning system: Longhu high-torque high-speed galvanometer DT50BB

8. Playback file format: Supported files are standard ILDA format files, that is, files with the extension .ILD

9. Control mode: ILDA mode (PC software control), DMX mode, playlist mode, Auto (automatic mode-built-in program)

10. DMX function: 22-channel/14-channel selection (V20 software version)

11. Control interface: standard DB25-ILDA laser software interface; Simple RJ45-ILDA laser software interface (the wire is easy to make and route, and the 300-meter test does not show any attenuation); 3PIN XLR socket interface

12. Machine size: 510(L)*320(W)*260(H)mm/net size 670(L)*450(W)*350(H)mm/dimension with horizontal rotating bracket

13. Net weight: 36Kg/with horizontal and vertical adjustment bracket Gross weight: 55Kg

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