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YUER™️ OSRAM 295W Beam 8 Segment 128LED RGB Auxiliary Moving Head Light DMX Fossa prism and Atomizing mirror Effect Light For Disco Bar

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Product Description:

Control channel: DMX512 22CH
Control mode: DMX, master-slave, RDM, voice control, self-propelled
Voltage: AC 90~240V, 50~60Hz
Lamp: OSRAM 295W light source
Pixel bar: 128 LED full-color SMD 5050 0.3W lamp beads in eight segments
Lumen value: 320000 Lux (10 meters)
Lamp life: 2000 hours
Total power: 500W
Display function:
The display screen can be rotated 180 degrees to display the life of the lamp and the function of the lamp
It can directly input the designated trademark and model, and edit the text display conversion of multiple countries
Data transmission fault automatic diagnosis display system, all functions of lamps can be set directly on the display screen
Lamp function:
Lighting software: software programs and hardware modules are independently developed, using high-tech constant current circuit boards, 36V, 12V dedicated voltage supply, strong anti-interference ability, all PCB board components are selected first-class brands at home and abroad to ensure that each Electronic components work stably for a long time
Lamp rotation: two-phase X/Y axis stepping motor, the noise of lamp operation is suitable for any place
X-axis angle: 540°, 16/32bit, accuracy 2.45°/step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.018°, rotation time 2.3 seconds
Y-axis angle: 246°, 16/32bit, accuracy 2.12°/step, fine-tuning accuracy 0.016°, rotation time 1.8 seconds
X/Y axis positioning: optical coupler positioning, advanced scanning position memory function, making the step angle smaller, more accurate positioning, absolute position memory, DMX off-line power-off position recovery and maintenance, and accidental misoperation can be automatically released Correction, strong enough anti-interference ability
Optical lens: 152mm diameter beam of the light output lens is thick and strong, high transmittance, very uniform light spot, the brightness difference between the edge and the center of the circle does not exceed 15%, full, sharp, and superior light perception
Insulation glass: Taiwan's special high-temperature-resistant material is used, which is derived from Germany's high-tech coating technology, so that the heat insulation effect and light transmittance of the lamp are perfectly guaranteed
Color plate: The color film is made of Taiwan's special high-temperature-resistant raw materials, derived from German high-tech coating technology, multi-layer high-efficiency coating, bright and full colors, 14 colors + white light, with half-color effect and rainbow effect, using any color can be calculated Restore the white light effect at the shortest speed
Gobo wheel: Aluminum pattern wheel with Taiwan and Germany technology, 15 static metal gobos + 2 colored glass patterns + white light, high-speed rotation, with pattern vibration effect
Effect color film: Imported Taiwan special high-temperature-resistant material colorful effect film, forming a rainbow line effect
Lamp strobe: use a high temperature resistant aluminum strobe film, the frequency can reach up to 15 times per second
Electronic focus: full-time linear super smooth adjustment of focus, clear distance and can be adjusted arbitrarily
Beam angle: 2.3° full light perception state
Prism effect: equipped with 1 8+8+8 fossa prism + 1 atomizing mirror
Power supply quality: Adopt high-tech constant current power supply board, total power 500W, PFC power factor compensation, power can work normally under fluctuating (±50W) environment, all PCB board components are selected first-class brands at home and abroad, AC exclusive voltage supply mode , stable output voltage, long working life, strong anti-interference ability
Ground wire setting: in accordance with international ground wire wiring standards, better improve the safety and stability of lamps and lanterns
Lighting wires: Power lines and signal lines are made of cold and anti-freezing materials, in line with CE20/22 standards, motor wires are made of Teflon wires, and bulb wires are made of high-temperature-resistant 2 square all-steel silicone wires
Power switch: Taiwan three-pin high-quality power switch
Signal interface: Equipped with a pair of three-pin male and female interfaces
Fuse seat: adopt Taiwan high-quality insurance seat, international standard T-type fuse
Heat dissipation parameters: use new high-quality aluminum for heat dissipation, 3 high-speed cooling fans are installed on the base of the lamp, and 3 Taiwan Jianzhun cooling fans are installed on the bulb system, with built-in overheating protection to keep all parts of the lamp working in a suitable temperature environment and extend the lamp. service life
Sheet metal design: in accordance with international material standards, integrate independent design strength, and use new high-quality aluminum materials to build
Appearance design: Independent appearance design patent, humanized multi-set module structure, streamlined ABS flame-retardant high-temperature engineering plastic and high-strength alloy cold-pressed core material, beautiful and tough
Protection class: IP20
Lamp body size: 31*24*50cm
Carton size: 33*26*53 cm
Net weight of lamp: 16 kg
Gross weight of lamps: 19 kg

Package include:

1Pc 295W Beam Moving Head Light
1Pc Manual
1Pc Power cable
1Pc DMX cable

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