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YUER™️ DMX Console KingKong T1 Mini Command Wing 1024DMX512 Channel ART-NET Up To 4096 DMX Linux System For Professional Controller

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Product Details:

1. The console is compact and user-friendly, with a classic 1024 appearance. It is positioned as the first touch console for lighting engineers.

2. The operating system is customized and developed based on the Linux Ubuntu desktop application and is fully Chinese. The system is more stable and virus-free. It supports switching between Chinese, English, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Traditional and other languages, and focuses on the Chinese operating habits for continuous optimization and improvement.

3. The motherboard is made of industrial-grade materials, and the memory/cpu/hard drive and motherboard are integrated and welded, resulting in extremely high stability.

4.4G running memory, 4-core CPU processor, 10.1-inch high-definition touch capacitive screen

5.2 DMX512 photoelectrically isolated output ports, which implement the DMX512/1990 standard. The physical fixed output is 1024 DMX512 control channels. It can be expanded to 8 output ports using ART-NET, for a total of 4096 DMX512 channels.

6. All push rod tracks on the console are smooth, stable, with a sense of damping, accurate data, no delay, and no jumping values.

7. The hardware is all brand new and original, eliminating the proliferation of old products sold as new ones on the market.

8.2 USB interfaces, which can plug in a USB flash drive to read or store console data

9.4 encoder dial wheels, adjustable lighting properties

10.1 high-definition HDMI interfaces, supporting high-definition screen expansion

11.1 SD storage ports, which can be used for storage expansion

12.1 100M network ports, supports high-speed transmission of TPC/IP protocol, can be connected to various central control systems, supports trigger control of UDP, TCP, 485 and other control codes, supports real-time output by connecting to lighting simulator software, and can also be used for practice and simulation programming

13. Equipped with WIFI receiving port, which can be used for WIFI connection

14. There are 10 scene faders, which can run 10 single-step scenes at the same time, and 1 black point fader, which supports immediate black point.

15. Supports dual-console online control function. If one fails, the other will switch control without delay.

16. Supports wireless or wired control functions, and can be remotely controlled via mobile phone or tablet software and wall panels

17. APP function can classify and sort the edited scenes and programs, and display them directly on the mobile phone according to the control process, which is convenient for on-site use

18. You can set the lock screen password and power-on password to protect the console data.

19. Support RDM remote identification of lamps or change address code function

20. The vector bitmap function simulates on-site layout and emissions, making the control of lamps more accurate and convenient.

21. Pre- and post-time materials can easily improve efficiency during programming and on-site.

22. Graphic grouping, richer programming effects, project files can be imported and exported

23. It has 6 fan-shaped modes, and the fan-shaped effect can be modified through the skills dialog box

24. Special dialog box, you can quickly call colors through the color palette

25. Paragraph algorithm, which can be run in segments as you like based on attributes, time, graphics, etc.

26. Light groups, materials, scenes, etc. can be customized with names or graffiti for easy search and retrieval.

27. One-click light show with built-in music player for easy show editing and performance rehearsal recording

28. Using XML format light library, the light library editor is simple to operate. You can write it directly on the console or write it on the computer and copy it into the console.

29. Can store 900 scenes, including unlimited steps in multi-step scenes

30. Lamp groups are divided into 3 categories. A total of 300 lamp groups can be stored and 1,600 lamps can be controlled.

31. Materials are divided into 10 categories, and a total of 1,000 materials can be stored.

32. Pre- and post-time materials can easily improve efficiency during programming and on-site.

33. Built-in 160 commonly used fixed graphics and 31 curve effects, the graphics and curve effects can be modified through parameters

34. It can store 200 programs and edit the light show as you like.

35. Can load 60 graphic effects at the same time and combine them at will

36. Segment sets can be added to the light library to quickly select attribute features.

37. After patching the lamps, you can directly change the address code and circuit and change the position of the lamp keys.

38. All performance files, lighting library, music, and graphic files on the console can be backed up to an external USB flash drive to prevent file loss.

39. The lamp picture of each lamp position can be customized to facilitate the intuitive display of lamp information.

40. Supports scheduled triggering of the running and stopping of programs and scenes, supports customized startup and shutdown of the console, and can realize unattended automatic operation.

41. The function of automatically generating light show music waveforms allows you to mark points directly on the console according to the rhythm of the music waveforms, and adsorb the recorded lighting scenes left and right on the marks, making light show editing more convenient and efficient.

42. The light show fill mode allows you to mark the light show music points, and then use the fill mode to quickly and automatically fill the edited scenes directly between the marked points, which greatly reduces the difficulty and time of light show editing.

43. The cursor timeline function can display in detail the light show music duration, lighting scene running time, stuck mark time points, etc., to achieve accurate stuck triggering and ending of the lighting scene, making the sound and light synchronization of the light show more accurate.

44. The lighting scene action bar can be directly dragged to adjust the position and running time, and the left and right sides can be adjusted to automatically adsorb to marked points and other operations.

45. The light show music card point marks can be exported directly, or you can use professional music software such as AU to mark them and import them directly to the console for use.

46.Support visual touch cutting operation of cutting lamp

47. Rated voltage AC: 100-240V,

48.Bare metal: 330*350*85mm/3.8KG

49. Paper package: 398*398*150/4.2KG

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